Roofing Garland, TX Homes – What Are the Parts of a Truss Support System?

Trusses, roofing Garland TX specialists say, are considered one of the most important parts of a roof, as they support both the underlayment and the roof cover. Here is some useful information they may provide you about the components of the framing system and the purpose each of them serves:


The elements that ensure the connection between the truss system’s lower and upper chords are known as “webbs”. They are of two types, those that connect the chords between them and those that serve for keeping the trusses attached to the walls. Besides their role as connection elements, the webbs also absorb some of the pressure put on the trusses. This is a great benefit, as the chords are prevented from bending.


The section passing over the chords placed at the truss bottom, called “overhangs”, is also very important. This is because it directs precipitations directly into the gutters, successfully avoiding leakages. The chances of humidity appearing and weakening the walls’ resistance are, thanks to the overhangs, significantly reduced.


Another key component of the truss framing system are the chords, those placed at the bottom serving for uniformly distributing tension. The upper chords, Garland roofing professionals say, create the support structure’s top part.

Why Invest in a Fort Myers Roofing Garden?

Are you interested in roofing gardens, but are not sure if the money is worth it? Here are some benefits to consider that might help change your mind:

  • If you like animals, no matter what kind they are, then a roof garden is right for you. There is no denying that urban development generally displaces small animals from their natural habitat, so putting together a roof garden is a great way to help them out. A proper garden will be able to attract everything from small insects to small birds.
  • You will no longer have to deal with high indoor temperatures thanks to a roof garden. The great thing about roof gardens is that they use the sunlight and heat to their advantage, effectively absorbing them to help the vegetation grow. This means you will not have to worry about too much heat getting inside your home.
  • While investing in a Naples roofing garden might cost you, the fact that the overall financial value of your house will be raised will be worth it.
  • A roof garden will seriously improve the quality of the air you and your loved ones breathe, ensuring you will live a healthier lifestyle.

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