Finding Female Urologists For Male Issues And Surgeries

Various recent studies have revealed that it is quite difficult finding female urologists that are specialized in male issues surgeries and interventions.

Up until the 1980’s, the urology field of activity has been mostly dominated by men – only in the 1990’s has the number of female urologists started to increase.

The present problem is that most female urologists are focused on the female health issues and only a small number of them actually accept treating male as well. The main reason might be because women themselves are used to seeking help in female doctors rather than males and that could be the reason why they prefer taking care of their gender colleagues.

The specific procedures for women usually include fitting urethral slings due to stress urinary incontinence, while most procedures for men include vasectomy and prostate cancer. You might be thinking that there is no way women could ever take care of male problems but it is just a matter of choice and not of training or experience.

No matter the reasons why women prefer dealing with women rather than men and vice versa, finding female urologists could never hurt anyone but on the contrary it could save your life.

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