Parker Roofing Experts Talk About Eco-Friendly Projects

If you intend on installing a roof that is eco-friendly, you might want to know how to research local roofers to see what they have to say about this type of roof in Colorado. You will be surprised with what they think about them.

The most common eco-friendly project among roofs is the garden project. It requires that you flatten your roof so that you can install a thick insulation, asphalt, another thick insulation (water resistant), dirt and only after the plants that you like. It does look like something that should look amazing, but there are a few things that you did not take in consideration, such as costs and materials. The concept is good for tall office buildings in the city because it offers employees the opportunity to relax on their brake, but it does not suit a small home.

If you really want to make a change for the better, you can install sod roofing. It is similar to the garden project, only that it requires less money and modifications. For instance, instead of flattening your roof, you work with what you have growing only grass. Parker roofing experts say that this is a project that will indeed change the appearance of your home.