Why Green Cleaning Products – Are They Better than Usual Chemicals?

Why green cleaning products are better than the chemicals we have been using for years and why are green cleaners so vital these days? We cannot respond to this question without considering some facts first.

Everyone is exposed to residue resulting from Norwex cleaning supplies every day, whether as a custodian, janitor, housecleaner, maid, or domestic helper, or as an occupant of a building that is being cleaned.

There are millions of persons working in this industry, but there are also many occupants of every building who do light cleaning on an occasional or routine basis, such as dusting or wiping off counters and desks, etc. All the occupants of the building are potentially exposed to hazards generated by volatile components found in cleaning products.

Toxic chemicals do not take more than 20-30 seconds to get into human body through inhalation, ingestion and absorption. Volatile organic compounds are very common in the cleaning products that we use daily. Apart from their acute health effects, VOCs have a negative impact on indoor air quality, determining long term consequences and contributing to the formation of smog in outdoor air.

These are only a few considerations that should determine us to think better before using chemical cleaning products and give more chances to alternative green cleaning products, which do not affect the environment and our health.